Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Robson Communities Pickleball League

Proposed Winter Robson Communities Pickleball League

Over the past 3 months there has been discussion among the Arizona Robson Pickleball Communities concerning the formation of a winter pickleball league.

The proposal is as follows:

1.  The name of the league will be the "Robson Pickleball League".  The participating 5 communities will be Pebble Creek (Goodyear), Saddlebrooke, Sun Lakes, Saddlebrooke Ranch, and Robson Ranch. Interest is lacking from the Quail Creek Pickleball Club.

2.  There would be one competition per month on Saturday afternoons beginning in November. Each community would play the other 4 communities on a predetermined rotation basis. The last competition would occur in March. (Sun Lakes needs to travel each month because of the small number of courts in their community.) Based on the proposed schedule, all Robson Ranch competition would in Eloy, except the December 10th competition when our team would travel to Pebble Creek in Goodyear.  Each pickleball club will play 4 times with one BYE month over the 5 month season. Our BYE month looks to be in March.

3. Saturday was set as the day to play the matches with the afternoon being the preferred time (e.g. 2 pm).  The two participating clubs could mutually decide to change the date and/or time if they wish, as long as it is played within 2 weeks of the scheduled date.

4. Each club will have 60 players for each match (30 men and 30 women)-  Two men's teams (4 players), two women's teams (4 players), and two mixed teams (4 players) at each of the 5 skill levels (2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5+) 12 x 5= 60.  (Players may have to play UP a skill level and/or play in two events (e.g. Men's and Mixed) in order to get enough teams at some skill levels.)  Each player may only play in a maximum of two events
5. The goal will be to maximize participation from each club, meaning that from month to month we would like to see as any different players competing as possible.  It is not to put your very best players on the court again and again to score as many points as possible. We are awarding points for winning games, but we want it to be a fun, social time more than anything else.

6.  Each two player team at a given skill level will play two games to 15 (win by 1) with each of the 2 teams from the other club.  Thus, each two player team is playing a total of 4 games to 15 for the day.  Each game won scores 1 point for the club. Cumulative points will be kept during the course of the season.

7.  Awards clarification:  There will be one travelling trophy presented to the overall champion club for the season.  There will be 15 awards (small plaques) presented to the CLUB that got the most points for the season at each of the skill level events (2.5 Men's, women's, Mixed; etc.)  The individual skill level awards do NOT go to individual players, but rather to the collective group of players who played at that skill level over the course of the season.

8. An end of the season Awards Banquet would be held on March 22nd here at Robson Ranch. A maximum number of tickets per community would need to be established.

It is our hope that you will find this league something a little different and fun.

At this time we would like to have some idea about what our participation numbers might be. We ask that you reply to this email by answering the following questions:

1.  Are you interested in playing in the league?   Yes or No
     If No, you can skip questions 2-4 .
2.  Would you be willing to travel (via car pool) to our one AWAY meet at Pebble Creek on Dec 10th?   Yes or No
3.  Are there any months between November and February when you would not be available to participate?  Yes or No  
   If Yes, what month(s)__________
4.  What is your skill level rating?   If you do not have one yet, state that.