Pickle Ball Photos

4th Annual Robson Ranch Pickleball Tournament

In addition to the photos taken by Marv, here are a few pictures taken by Mickie and I during subject.  (You may click on the picture to enlarge it for viewing.)

Pictures from the Palm Creek Tournament

3rd Annual Resident Pickleball Tournament and After Party

Robson Ranch Singers
Trish Ambrose, Dave Anderson,
Julie Casey & Lyn Worner

After Party Pics

2nd Annual Robson Ranch Internal Tournament Medal Presentation and after Pizza Party

Then There Was Food!!!!

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Scott Moore Comes to Robson Ranch
Larry Kraus arranged to have Scott Moore, one of the top players in the country to come to RR and put on a pickleball clinic.  Scott won the Nationals singles golds in his age division. (Click HERE to view his finals singles match.)   Scott will discuss strategy while playing some games.  For the demonstrations he was joined by Larry Kraus, Mike Rains, and David Wong.  After his demonstration and discussion he watched various club members as they played games.  Scott is also a rep for Paddletek (Larry's paddle choice).

AL Hager at 2014 National Tournament

November General Meeting

Christmas Photo (2013)
The RR Pickleball Club had a Christmas party on December 13, 2013.  The party included entertainment provided by our very own Used Kars band, shared appetizers, and a white elephant gift exchange.  Some picklers also brought their paddles and played a few games.  Paula and Jerry Steger were the organizers with a nice turnout and a good time was had by all.  See photos that follow.

Kudos to Paula and Jerry for a great Christmas party

Picklers enjoying the sun and fun

A holiday feast was shared with everyone
Watch that serve John!
Larry and Dard ready to take on all comers
Paula and partner challenging Jerry and partner
Party goers enjoying the Christmas party
Come on Don get your paddle, Dard is ready
Here's Fred, Mike and Vivian
Anybody want to trade?
Doug opened multiple gifts due to poachers
Just what I wanted!

A plethora of white elephant gifts were brought to the festivities

Wonderful entertainment was provided by our own Used Kars!
An interesting table of gifts resulted in competitive gift taking