Updates to the Blog

The following is a listing of new additions to the blog.

Updated the play schedule
Posted the new board members

Updated the member skill level listing
Updated the RR medal winners at various tournaments

Posted article from newspaper regarding the Christmas fund raising event
Updated RR medal winners through Happy Trails tournament
Updated the play schedule to include Ladder play
Updated member skill levels through 1/20/17

Updated the play schedule
Posted the new board members
Posted the new skill level for AZ, Janice and Ron
Posted acknowledgement of Artie Wachter's medal winning performances

Posted new board members
Posted new social committee members
Posted November play schedule
Posted medal winners at recent tournaments in October

The new fall pickleball play schedule has been posted.  (See Fall 2016 Schedule under the Schedule section.)

Updates and new member additions to the club members skill list.
Added a Utube Video on a Pickleball diddy
Updated RR Pickleball Club members who have won tournaments during the months of June, July, and August.
Posted information pertaining to a potential Robson Communities Pickleball League
Posted a link to a story on Paddletek paddle recalls.

Skill Assessment Committee Posted
Member Skill Level Rating as of 4/8/16 posted
Skill Rating Process Posted
Posted March 2016 By-Laws

Medal winners at area tournaments from Robson Ranch posted (See sidebar).
Photos from the 4th annual Robson Ranch Pickleball tournament were posted under Pickleball Photos on the sidebar to the right.

Play schedule has been updated to the Spring Schedule, which includes some evening dinking games.

Tournament and after party pictures are posted for the 3rd Annual Robson Resident Tournament under Pickleball Photos.

Robson Ranch club members who won a medal at an area tournament since November 2015 are listed under Menu, Medalists at Area Tournaments to the right.

Medal winner photos are posted to the main page of the blog.

2016 Member Skill Levels have been updated through 2/25/2016.

Request for assistance and the information pertaining to the 4th Annual Robson Ranch Pickleball Tournament was posted.

Information on Jerry and Paula and Larry Kraus' training and drills sessions was posted to the blog.