Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Robson Ranch's 4th Annual Pickleball Tournament

4th Annual Pickleball Tournament
We had another wonderful tournament that was excellently organized and run by Tournament Director extraordinaire, our own AL Hager.  Having recently experienced the work involved in running our much smaller and less complex resident tournament, I have a HUGE appreciation for the time and work Al devotes to this tournament.  Each of you should congratulate Al on another job well done.

Again this year, Al was assisted by the tournament registrar Sandi Feller who also oversaw the check in and event desk. She ensured that the brackets were established for the start of the tournament and kept the matches moving along. Sandi had an excellent support team assisting her during the play.

Of course the tournament could not be a success without the assistance of a number of persons who stepped up to serve as department heads of various operational support areas  These persons and their areas of responsibility were:
Bracket Posting on the Board.            Sylvia and Norm Schupbach
Referee Desk Coordinator                  Steve Arthur
Tournament Announcing                      Richard Shine
Traffic Control and Parking                  Jerry Steger
Shuttle Coordinator                              Dave Lawell
Medical Team Coordinator                  Mary Burton
Raffle and 50/50 Drawing                    Bonnie and Don Pixley
Roaming 50/50 Raffle Ticket Sales       Brenda and Dave Amans
Refreshment Table                               Edie Preis
Tournament Photography                     Marv Enerson
USAPA Membership Desk                 Paula Steger
Balls/Net Monitor                               Steve Falek
Banners/Court Taping                          Al Hager
Line Judge Team Management             Dave Amans

These coordinators were assisted by a number of persons whose names I do not have. This group included persons who were playing in the tournament, non-tournament participating club members, as well as some persons who don't play pickleball,  This level of support reflects well on our club and the pride we all have in the community in which we live and the events we host. Obviously, you all are a critical cog in ensuring the tournament wheel runs smoothly.

Finally, the tournament could not be held without the participation and support of the players.  We want to acknowledge and give a big THANK YOU to all these persons who helped with the tournament's successful operations as well as competing in the tournament.

There were approximately 450 players registered for our tournament.  68 of these players were from the ranch, 58 from Palm Creek.and 15 from Mission Royale.  There were some very close matches and great play demonstrated at all levels.  Competition categories were Men's Doubles, Women's Doubles, and Mixed Doubles with competition levels being 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5, and 5.0.  Click on the words Marv's Pictures to be taken to the pictures Marv Enerson took during the tournament, including all the medal winners.  I am sure you will recognize a number of faces during the slideshow.  Click on the Pickleball Photos tab under Menu on the right sidebar to see other pictures from Palm Creek as well as Robson's tournament.

Congratulations to Jan Ballman and Mike Campbell who won a bronze medal in the Mixed Doubles 4.0 skill level.

Mixed Doubles 4.0 Bronze Medal Winners