Monday, February 9, 2015



Orders for this year's T-shirts began today, 2/9/2015 for this year's tournament.  The T-shirt has our logo on the left breast.  Styles will be the same as last year, but we need to pick a color.  We want to be different from the other clubs.  Look for players with previous year's shirts to get an idea of what they look like.  The prices vary by style, size and the total number ordered by the club. They will cost approximately $14 for SM - XL, $16 for XXL and $18 for XXXL.  

Steve will be available with the books containing pictures and to get your ideas/input before putting the order together. You may also use this link Click Here to view measurement information.  Men's shirts will be the Competitor Tee ST350  with the ladies being the Competitor Tee LST350 (Scroll down the list until you find these product numbers).  Shirts will be ordered based upon your size request.  Steve will not be responsible for incorrect sizes.

As in previous years, Steve will have an information sheet to assist with your order.  Steve needs payment when you order.  If writing a check, make it payable to Steve Arthur, not the pickleball club.

Should you have any questions, please contact Steve Arthur via voice at (540) 355-8065 or via email Click Here.

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Mike Rains and MJ organized our well run and fun filled 2nd Annual Robson Ranch Internal Pickleball Tournament on January 21, thru 24.  Well maybe the weather could have been better, but regardless a good time was had by all.  They were assisted by a number of persons performing tasks such as set up and tear down, first aid, food, fluids, referee management, etc.  We were also fortunate to have persons from other communities provide persons to serve as referees.  While all of these persons are too numerous to recognize individually here, the club graciously thanks each and every person who assisted in the tournament.  Further, we would like to thank all of the tourney participants, without whom it would have never happened.

Medal winners for each of the categories were as follows:

Skill Level 2.5 Winners

Gold - Keith Uhlenbrauck, Larry Morin
Silver - Nick Stchur, Jim Sanford
Bronze - Jim Campbell, Red Vermeire
Gold - GeneTolmach, Doris Tolmach
Silver - Bob Carlson, Pam Carlson
Bronze - Larry Suskevich, Christine Schroppel
Gold - Karn King, Doris Tolmach
Silver - Maureen Weidner, Coleen Flannery
Bronze - Kathy Schneider, Crissy Schroeppel

Skill Level 3.0 Winners

Gold - Don Gibson, Bob Buck
Silver - Norm Schupbach, Mike Pennington
Bronze - Rick Kline, John Ambrose

Gold - Bob Buck, Gini Cassidy
Silver - John Ambrose, Susan Phillips
Bronze - Mike Pennington, Pat Pennington

Gold - Susan Phillips, Brenda Kline
Silver - Sylvia Schupback, Pat Pennington
Bronze - Carolyn Burtch, Jean DeChristopher

Skill Level 3.5+ Winners
Gold - Jeff Jones, Ron Herzog
Silver - Dave Reese, Larry Kraus
Bronze - Jim Duran, Dave Amans


Gold - Kelly McKinna, Jeannine McKinna
Silver - Ron Herzog, Jan Ballman
Bronze - Larry Kraus, Nancy Kraus

Gold - Barb Hager, Terri Yates
Silver - Sue Sherwood, Brenda Amans
Bronze - Connie Koser, Donna Duran