Sunday, February 17, 2013

Pickleball Tournament Committee Chairs

The following are the committee chairs for the Pickleball Tournament,  please contact them if you are interested in helping on a given committee.  

Tournament Director:             Al Hager

Assistant Tournament Director:       Mike Rains

Tournament Table
Tournament Board Postings:                         Jolyn Rains & Barb Hager

Bracket Posting:           Sandy Byrnes

Registration Desk – Check-In:        Greg & Veronica Long

Tournament Match PA System:     Richard & Kristy Shine

USAPA Desk & New Member Sign-up:    Charlie & Helen Forbush

Photographer & Video:            Charlene Rule
Blog Postings:       Sandy Byrnes
Referee Trainer/Coordinator:         Larry & Nancy Kraus
Raffle & 50/50 Drawing                  Mary Jo Wong

Tournament Set-Up/ Parking Signs/Maintenance
Tear Down & Clean-Up                            Dard Price

Medical Team:     Caroline & Dave Anderson                           

Publicity Team – Contact Newspapers for advertising & coverage. Local Restaurants for discounts, Motels for discounts.
Sandy Byrnes

Morning Coffee & Snack Table
Hydration/fruit Table  Ray & Sheila Corey