Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Robson Ranch Pickleball T-Shirts

With our tournament just around the corner, t-shirts are ready to be ordered.  Several  styles/options will be available.  This year’s color will be gold(yellow).  Order your’s today and show support for Pickleball, Robson Ranch, and tournament players/volunteers.

There is some concern to previous shirts not fitting correctly.  I will supply links to the shirt specifications.  Each specification gives the measurement and how the measurement is taken.  You can measure a shirt that correctly fits and match the size exactly.  Each individual is responsible for ordering their correct size.

I will supply an order form.  Payment is required prior to shirt being ordered.  Once order is submitted, a 2-3 week turnaround is expected.

The Robson Ranch Logo from our RR Pickleball blog will be used.  Any change in the color of the logo requires an additional $15.  Cost of the shirt will be comparative to last year $14(S-XL), $16(2X), $18(3X).  Price may vary if a more expensive shirt is requested.  Price includes shirt, print, and tax.

The link to the shirt site is:  Last year’s shirt style was ST700 and LST700.  Click on specs for sizes.

Deadline for orders will be 14 Feb(Valentine’s Day).

Point of Contact will be Steve Arthur (540)355-8065 or