Sunday, September 30, 2012

Robson Ranch View publication

Despite a warm and humid summer, the courts at Robson Ranch here in Eloy have had close to 8-10 people playing daily with an influx of up to 28 or more when the Summer League would visit on Mondays.  On Labor Day, Robson Ranch was the host to the Summer League which you see pictured.  The Summer League consists of hardy desert players from Palm Creek, Mission Royale, and Robson Ranch. The League played throughout the summer varying the venues on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

While many stayed here at the Ranch this summer, others tried to beat the heat and humidity in other parts of the US. Some members were not terribly successful as summer in many other states were sometimes more humid and hot as verified by Larry Kraus who stated July 4th was hotter in Michigan than it was here on the 4th. (In case you forgot, our July 4th pool party and parade was canceled due to rain with very cool temperatures.) Dale Mumy, who visited during the summer for a few weeks, stated it was hotter in Ohio before he left there than it was in Eloy.  I think he brought a bit of humidity with him unfortunately.
Some of our more competitive members were out winning medals of various colors this summer. A quick check shows: Mike Rains with 3 Golds and a Bronze; Al Hager with a Gold, 3 Silvers, and a Bronze; Larry Kraus with 2 Golds; and finally Nancy Kraus with a Gold.
As a club we have at least two very exciting things coming up this season. First, will be lights on courts 5-12 which will enable us to play in the cooler evenings and also enable late tournament games if necessary. Secondly, our first USAPA sanctioned Pickleball Tournament will be held March 21-24, 2013.  I have confirmed lessons for 3.0 and above players will once again be given by Larry Kraus, as well as, referee instruction for our tournament.
For more information about the RRAZ Pickleball Club please go to the RR HOA site under clubs and find pickleball and/or visit our blog at .  Everyone is welcome to come to a lesson to see if pickleball is for them.  Check the board by the pickleball courts for lesson information.  Membership in the club is $20 for the complete year or $10 after August 31st.  Our dues year runs from January 1 to December 31.